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Do you ever wonder if your probiotics are actually working?

Chances are, they’re not, and here’s why.

And if you have a chronic health condition, 99% of the probiotics on the market are likely to make you feel even worse.

Maybe you were hoping a good probiotic was going to be the answer to your gut troubles and health problems, but they didn’t help.

If you have indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, headaches, low energy, a hard time losing weight, and other common health complaints…

The truth is…

A Probiotic Formula Could Make Your Condition Even Worse!

Biome V3 ingredients

All of these above compounds are designed to neutralize and eliminate the horrible symptoms of chronic illness:

Poor sleep
Body aches

It’s no wonder so many people can feel even worse after taking probiotics!

That’s why we created… 

Biome V3:
The Probiotic Specifically Formulated to
Help A Chronic Condition, Not Make It Worse

“I struggled for over 10 years with horrible bloating and upset stomach. Nothing seemed to work. Now, I rarely have these issues…” – Joan D., California


My name is Jean Stanford. I used to suffer from debilitating chronic illness (gut issues, fatigue, brain fog) until I figured out why.

My gut microbiome was way out of balance. I was being polluted on a daily basis by bad microbes and I didn’t even realize it.

Since millions of other people have the same problem, I teamed up with a group of experts and formulated Biome V3, a probiotic formula created specifically for people with chronic health conditions.

Especially those with inflammation – which is the crux of all health conditions including: (check/discuss for compliance)

Every Autoimmune
Bloating and gas
Inability to lose weight, especially visceral belly fat
Sleep issues

Here’s why I guarantee this will be the last probiotic you will ever need…

Because it’s not just a probiotic – it’s a complete probiotic system – working to neutralize toxins, break down histamines and boost the right kinds of friendly bacteria in your gut microbiome.

All in one formula.

The most common mistake people make with probiotics, is choosing the wrong kind – one that actually makes your symptoms worse.

Because many people don’t know that most probiotics actually produce excess histamine in your body.

What Are Histamines? 

histamine probiotics
Histamines can cause brain fog, fatigue, allergy symptoms, and leaky gut.

Histamines are chemicals your immune system makes and they are very useful for fighting unwanted invaders in the body.

But too many histamines can cause brain fog, fatigue, allergy symptoms, and leaky gut.

Many people don’t know that most probiotics actually produce excess histamine in your body.

And if you have a histamine intolerance, your probiotic is most likely making your symptoms worse.


Biome V3 Breaks Down Excess Histamines 

Luckily, the newly developed Biome V3 from Native Formulas is the solution.

Biome V3 uses probiotic strains known to actually break down excess histamines in the body, NOT produce them!

Biome V3 uses the only Monash University-approved, FODMAP-friendly prebiotic which helps prevent gas, bloating, and headaches.

And more importantly, feeds your friendly bacteria so they thrive.

Molybdenum to Bind with Toxins

Biome V3 also contains molybdenum to bind with toxins and minimize die-off.

This is a game changing essential mineral that breaks down acetaldehyde – which is the main toxin that candida and bacteria are polluting our bodies with – causing fatigue, headaches, and body aches.1

Acetaldehyde is also the main toxin responsible for hangovers after we drink too much alcohol.  

Our body has trouble breaking down acetaldehyde naturally on its own.

Molybdenum is able to convert acetaldehyde into acetic acid, a harmless substance that is ultimately broken down further into carbon dioxide and water.

Fulvic Minerals for Leaky Gut

fulvic mineralsAnd Biome V3 contains fulvic minerals which have over a dozen health benefits including binding toxins, keeping tight junctions healthy for leaky gut, fighting candida, and supporting energy levels.

All of the research has been done for you. And all of this is contained in one, daily formula.

You simply need to try it and if it isn’t the most complete and effective probiotic you’ve ever found, you get back every penny of the purchase price.

When you click the “Add to Cart” button, you’ll arrive at our secure order form. Just enter your details and the Biome V3 supplement will be delivered directly to your doorstep – we cover all shipping costs.



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