How Biome V3 Works

Biome V3 was designed to be the last probiotic you will need to use. That’s because it solves the 4 biggest issues surrounding why most probiotics don’t work.


3-Steps to Addressing
Almost Any Pathogenic Overgrowth

Restore 3 Ingredients

Supplement Facts

Biome V3 is the hardest working probiotic you can find. It’s actually a synboitic with added benefits. Meaning it contains FODMAP friendly pre-biotics, histamine degrading soil and lacto-based probiotics, fulvic minerals for energy production and molybdenum to support detoxification.


Our Products

Biome V3

Degrades histamines in the Body

Fulvic minerials for energy and detoxificaion

Gentle on the stomach - no more gas & bloating

Restore 3

Lifetime access to our private support group

Dissolves pain-causing fibrin and biofilms in the body

Eliminate the toxins that bad bacteria create in the gut


Download the Free biofilm action plan

Biofilm is a thin, slimy film that bacteria, yeast & other microorganisms secrete and hide within as a protective layer, whenever they are in hostile environments. Take your health back today!

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