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Getting Better Sleep Through Herbs And Plants

Getting Better Sleep Through Herbs And Plants

healing plants restore 3

Human beings spend more than a third of their lives asleep. Going without sleep is disastrous to the human body. A lack of sleep for just 24 hours can cause psychosis and will eventually lead to death. It is clear that getting enough sleep is essential for your body to perform as it should.1 

Even though sleep is so important, it doesn’t mean that it comes quickly to most people. It can be hard to get enough sleep In today’s fast-paced world . Our laptops, tablets and cell phones have become such a large part of our lives that it can be tough to put them down each night.

The chimes of late-night emails, texts and calls can wake you up from a deep slumber and make it hard to get back to sleep again. Even if you don’t use technology late at night, there are plenty of other things to keep you awake from crying children to early-morning construction.

Herbs and Plants

sleep seratameAlthough prescription sleeping pills can help with sleep, they come with their fair share of side effects.2 One way to improve your sleep naturally is through the use of herbs and plants. Numerous research studies have named a variety of herbs and plants that have a positive impact on quality and quantity of sleep. If you want a natural way to get better sleep, you might try herbs and plants.

Here are just a couple of the best ones that are beneficial to sleep.

  • Magnesium – The body requires magnesium to stay healthy. This nutrient is essential for many tasks that the body performs. The body needs it to stay healthy. Most people’s diets don’t contain enough magnesium say experts at the National Institutes of Health. This can cause weakness and tiredness among other things. Health experts recommend supplementing magnesium.3  
  • One way to increase it is by taking magnesium. This substance helps the body in a variety of ways, including improving sleep quality.
  • Turmeric extract – The main ingredient in turmeric extract is curcumin, which has been studied extensively for its effect on the human body. Curcumin has been found to have a restorative impact on sleep deprivation.4  
  • Passionflower – Passiflora incarnata or passionflower, is a plant that is native to South America, Central America, and the United States. People have used passionflower for centuries for its healing powers. Native Americans used it widely for a variety of things. Scientific research has found that extracts derived from the Passiflora incarnata can be used to induce sleep.5 

Try taking these plants and herbs and see if you notice a difference in your sleep quality. Instead of taking each ingredient separately, look for a combination supplement that includes several of these beneficial herbs and plants.






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