A lady who has back pain

Treating Fibromyalgia… What’s the Best Fibromyalgia Medication for Me?

Treating Fibromyalgia… What’s the Best Fibromyalgia Medication for Me?

A lady who has back pain

Living with the symptoms of fibromyalgia can be a challenge, as anyone who has experienced them knows.

But finding relief from those symptoms can be just as challenging, as there seems to be little to no information on what types of medications can help treat or alleviate them.

Holding shoulder in pain

Even the most common symptoms, like widespread pain, sleep problems, weight gain, and ongoing emotional symptoms don’t seem to be taken very seriously by the medical community as a whole.

Trying to find the right fibromyalgia medication sometimes seems almost impossible.

And finding health care professionals who are willing to explore different treatment options can leave a fibromyalgia sufferer feeling hopeless.

So…where can a person turn for the best medication that is going to help their symptoms?

How can they find the fibromyalgia treatment that is going to give them their life back?

Fortunately, there is some hope!

Though there is still no cure for fibromyalgia, and many medical professionals still don’t want to recognize it as a legitimate disease, there are medications that can help longtime sufferers of this chronic condition start to see some relief from their symptoms.

Some of the best sources of relief for fibromyalgia are over the counter medicines, antidepressants and probiotics, and biofilms that can be bought at fibromyalgia specialty sites such as Native Formulas.

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Each fibromyalgia patient is unique, and their symptoms will be as well.

Whereas one individual may experience long term bouts of widespread pain, another person may tend to have fibromyalgia pain that is more concentrated and affects specific areas of their body more intensely than others.

Some experts believe that the reason fibromyalgia patients experience such wide differentials in pain is that our brains send pain signals in different ways. This theory is backed up by the observation of fibromyalgia tender points which recur on most patients.

Often this is believed to be because of a number of factors, such as genetics, environmental factors, gender, and age.

And… it’s not just chronic pain that presents in different ways in different people.

Many people who struggle with fibromyalgia say that one of the most challenging symptoms is chronic sleep problems or emotional challenges.

Others rarely experience these symptoms but may deal with a different one altogether.

The bottom line is this – anyone who is trying to live a normal life with fibromyalgia knows that it is a daily struggle.

Sometimes, a fibromyalgia sufferer’s entire day is consumed by trying to figure out how to treat fibromyalgia symptoms just enough so they can function as normally as possible.

And, since there is no cure and little support from the medical community, many must continue to try and treat their symptoms on their own.

At Native Formulas, we’ve spent a good deal of time learning about the intricate details of fibromyalgia and researching the best options for treating the symptoms of this debilitating disease.

Hopefully, you can benefit from our knowledge and expertise to start on a path toward living a life that helps get your fibromyalgia under control and allows you to find some hope again.

What’s the Best Fibromyalgia Medication for Me?

Though there are various theories as to what medications may be best at treating fibromyalgia, many who struggle with this disease have been able to find relief in the following ways.

Not every method is going to work for every fibromyalgia patient.

But here are some good starting points to consider.

Over the Counter Medicines

A good place to begin when you are looking for relief from some of your fibromyalgia symptoms would be with over the counter medicines that can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription.

Some of the most common over the counter medications that may work to help your symptoms would be drugs such as acetaminophen or a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID).

One of the best-known acetaminophen drugs is known as Tylenol.

And one of the best-known nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs is sold as Ibuprofen.

Both of these drugs can be taken at the same time and on a similar schedule.

When used congruently, Tylenol and Ibuprofen are known to alleviate pain, reduce muscle cramps, and provide pain relief for several ailments.

The muscle relaxant nature of Ibuprofen, combined with Tylenol’s ability to reduce pain has helped millions of people treat a variety of issues, from menstrual cramps to the common headache.

Even though a drug like Tylenol and Ibuprofen is used to treat fibromyalgia, it doesn’t work for everyone.

In fact, some fibromyalgia sufferers say that medicines like these have little to no effect in reducing pain or relieving them of other fibromyalgia symptoms they’re experiencing.

Some ,medicines

The bottom line is this…though taking Tylenol, Advil or other medications that fall into these similar categories most likely won’t make your symptoms worse, you may not be able to find relief with these types of pain relievers that others do.

Remember…fibromyalgia treatment is a complicated one and you will need lots of support as you continue on your journey to find the treatment options that are going to work best for you.

Tricyclic Antidepressants and Other Prescription Medications

Another potential treatment option for your fibromyalgia symptoms is going to be in the form of antidepressants and other prescribed medications.

For many who suffer from fibromyalgia, a very common side effect is mental and emotional pain and challenges.

Patients who battle with fibromyalgia say they experience brain fog, anxiety, depression, and nerve pain.

a lady grimacing because of pain

Part of what makes life with fibromyalgia so frustrating is that oftentimes a person’s healthcare provider won’t see the link between the chronic pain and the mental and emotional instabilities.

But in order to treat fibromyalgia effectively, we need healthcare providers who see how constant pain can cause mental disorders as well.

Fibromyalgia is a disease that targets a person’s autoimmune system and causes the body to start attacking itself.

When this happens, so many of our body’s different systems – from our brain and spinal cord to our digestive tract – become compromised that it’s hard for our brains to process what hurts and where.

Our bodies are designed to health themselves. But when they can’t, it can cause just as much emotional turmoil for a fibromyalgia sufferer as it does physical turmoil.

Finding a physician or healthcare provider who understands this is going to be extremely important if you are someone who is as affected mentally by your disease as you are physically.

Yes, stress management techniques can be helpful. But they aren’t the only solution.

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Some medications are capable of serving as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors which can potentially help balance some of the chemicals in the fibromyalgia patient’s brain.

This will help combat the effect of depression and anxiety on the patient, thus aiding in the mental clarity needed to continue to find ways to live with the physical discomfort that fibromyalgia causes.

Again, not all fibromyalgia patients will benefit from antidepressants.

In fact, some report no difference in their overall mental health or state of mind after a period of use.

But other fibromyalgia patients have had great success with these types of drugs in helping their mental state and overall clarity.

One thing to keep in mind is that antidepressant and anti-anxiety medications may help with your mental state, but they won’t treat the vast number of other symptoms so many fibromyalgia patients struggle from.

Medications like Probiotics and Biofilms May Work Best

Finally, if you’ve been looking for another source to help treat your fibromyalgia pain and other underlying symptoms, there are some other options other than pain relievers (that may or may not work for your type of pain) or prescription medications (that may not treat the whole problem.)

At Native Formulas, we have witnessed so many fibromyalgia sufferers finally begin to see some relief when they begin exploring what products we have to offer.

Most of this relief has come through their decision to explore the powerful agents that are inside the ingredients in our biofilm and probiotic products, such as the Biome V3 and the Restore 3.

The Biome V3 is a revolutionary product that works to restore mental clarity and physical energy among its users.

Biome V3 breaks down histamines in our body that cause us to have brain fog and issues with our overall focus and brain functioning.

And, while the probiotics found in the Biome V3 will work to restore your brain fog, sleep problems, and chronic pain issues, the prebiotics will work simultaneously to give you back the gut health that so many fibromyalgia sufferers claim to have lost.

Restore 3 is another product that will work tirelessly to help your body restore the friendly bacteria your body is craving and thus provide the pain relief you need.

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It will also help to dissolve the biofilms that are working against your ability to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

As the Restore 3 works to rid your body of the illness-causing biofilms, it’s able to bind with, then remove the heavy metals and bio-toxins that enter our bodies and allow for symptoms like chronic pain and digestive issues to wreak havoc on our sleep patterns, mental clarity, and overall physical health.

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So…Which Fibromyalgia Treatment is Best for Me?

Anyone who’s been asking for a fibromyalgia diagnosis for any length of time knows that getting that proper diagnosis and treatment for the disease is oftentimes quite tricky.

And – trying to do this while battling widespread pain is incredibly frustrating as well.

A man talking to the doctor

Because of this, Native Formulas has put together a free guide called The Biofilm Buster Action Plan that may be exactly what you need to help discover the next step on your own journey to personal health, and combat the symptoms of fibromyalgia once and for all.

The guide is easy to download and has tips, tricks, and anecdotes from patients like you who finally got tired of waiting for someone else to properly diagnose their disease and diagnose the appropriate medications to care for it.

As stated before…there is no cure for fibromyalgia.

But we promise you there is some relief.

Let us help you find it at Native Formulas.



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