Fibromyalgia Biofilm Discovery – Native Formulas

Let’s be honest.

The US no longer has a healthcare system…

Shouldn’t it really just be called a drugcare system?

Granted, if you are seriously injured – or you need some kind of surgery – this country has great surgeons and tools to fix you up.

But if you have a chronic illness, America is the last place you want to be.


What’s the Truth?

There is now overwhelming data showing that one of the biggest causes of Fibromyalgia and most other chronic & autoimmune diseases are biofilms.1. Bacterial Exotoxins: How Bacteria Fight the Immune System; I. Sastalla, 2016 Aug.

Bacteria, (and candida yeast), both create biofilm in our bodies as a slimy blanket in order to hide out from our immune system.

But biofilm contains nearly a dozen neurotoxins.

And these toxins can cause all kinds of horrible symptoms, such as body pain, extreme fatigue, sleep and mood disorders, poor digestion & brain-fog.


So, What’s the Bottom Line?

In order for lasting success, you must eliminate the toxic biofilm layer that harmful bacteria and yeast use to hide out and multiply under.

Or any protocol you do is destined to fail.

But there is good news…

That’s because the latest research has recently discovered 2 natural methods for breaking down this biofilm and reclaiming your vitality.

And it’s already something that our bodies naturally produce each & every day.

On the following page we will detail, step-by-step, why & how this works and what this could mean for over a dozen conditions that biofilm plays a huge role in solving.

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