How this Slimy, Toxic Film Growing in my Body Unlocked the Secret to my 15-Year Struggle with Relentless Fatigue

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Author: Jean Standford
Date: February 12, 2022

This is a biofilm

It took years of research & trial-and-error to realize just how important biofilm was in finally ending my horrible fatigue.

My name is Jean Stanford. I suffered for years with constant achy muscles & joints, poor digestion, low energy and brain-fog.

It was only when I began learning about something called biofilm and the role it plays in several long-term health conditions that everything began to dramatically shift for me

The research I’m about to share will connect almost a dozen common health conditions to this biofilm substance.

I’ll spare you the story of my long, 15-year journey, as I’m sure you may already understand how horrible it can be.

But suffice to say, I felt alone.

And the medical professionals, whom I‘d put so much faith in, could never really understand the kind of life I was living on the inside. Nor did it seem like they really cared.

Lesson #1: Almost all “healthy” people you meet take their health for granted – and it’s almost impossible for them to understand just what you’re going through – until they’ve been there themselves.


Does this look familiar to you?

I was such a mess. Although I didn’t admit it, I was hiding from the world.

This isn’t who I was. Nobody was seeing the REAL me. I felt like a shell of my former self, buried under foggy layers of fatigue, misery, and just downright helplessness.

“Is this just my life now?” became a recurring question. It was also one of my deepest fears.


Give up or Fight…

It was around that time, I realized I was on my own.

I was the one who had to live with myself every day. Not my doctors. And I was the one who had to figure this thing out.

I had to make a decision. Either decide my life was basically over and give up, or fight for my darn life. Fight for answers I knew must be out there. Somewhere.

And I am almost certain I would still be sick today if it wasn’t for a medical study I stumbled upon.

This study would reveal the one thing that 100% of the people who also have fatigue, have. (I will reveal this study in a moment!)

I then did something drastic. I quit my job. I moved back in with my parents and I dedicated my life searching for answers. I poured over countless medical research papers.

My First Big Discovery… 

When I would find something that showed compelling results in a study, I was determined to give it a try.

Besides, I really had nothing to lose.

I became so good at researching these studies, I became what is known as a meta-researcher. Which just means, I would do deep research behind the research, then compile all similar studies.

And this took me through years of trial-and-error. If you’ve ever experienced brain-fog, then you know that doing any kind of serious research for long enough can be a job in itself.

But it wasn’t until many years later when I made my first big discovery. 

Remember I mentioned that 100% of the people who had fatigue, also had this? Well, it was only when I came across a research paper from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles which showed a link between SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) and fatigue.

This study revealed that 100% of the people who had fatigue also had SIBO  [1] Altered intestinal permeability in patients with fatigue. Goebel A, Buhner S, Schedel R, Lochs H, Sprotte G.

This research paper had me immediately sitting up in my chair. And it sent me on the quest that would eventually uproot the cause of 90% of my symptoms, and allowed me to experience what true vitality felt like for the first time in my life.


“They Work Together As One Organism…”

And what I soon discovered next about these little bugs totally blew me away.

If you’ve been dealing with long-term health issues, then what I’m about to reveal is going to be an immensely important concept to grasp.

Doing so will require a huge shift in your perspective. So please bear this in mind as I explain.

There is an epic battle for survival happening in our bodies each day, which scientists are only now beginning to scratch the surface on.

Did you know humans are actually made up of more bacteria cells than human cells? Did you also know that these stealthy invaders are literally talking to each other, as one organism, in order to manipulate our bodily functions? [2] Is eating behavior manipulated by the G.I. microbiota? Alcock J, 2014 

Like trick our immune cells? Or trigger tender point signals? They can even manifest sugar cravings!

I realized if these tiny organisms were causing my suffering, I needed to find out how to get rid of them ASAP.

That’s when I discovered something even more disturbing.

A new topic which was getting more and more attention. One that seemed to make even scientists uneasy – requiring a huge paradigm shift in how they viewed these microscopic bugs.

It’s something called biofilm.

Some people know biofilm as the plaque that forms on your teeth and is actually the main reason we get dental cavities. But biofilms are creating problems in many other areas within our bodies as well. [3], 2010


What is Biofilm? 

Biofilm is a toxic, slimy film that these bugs secrete. They use it to live and build colonies inside our bodies. It’s now understood to be the key reason why so many long-term health conditions persist and why antibiotics aren’t as effective as they once were.

And it’s because these biofilms are nearly impossible to penetrate.

It’s also been documented that bacteria protected within biofilms are up to 1,000 times more resistant to antibiotics than if they were free-floating. [4] Bacterial Biofilms in Nature, J. William Costerton, 1987

Only now are researchers beginning to get a handle on just how these biofilms operate.

It wasn’t very long ago scientists believed these bugs were free-floating throughout our body. Now, they’ve discovered that about 95% of the bacteria and other bugs, (yeast, fungus, and parasites), are not free-floating, but are instead thriving in the body, protected within these biofilm communities.

biofilm on fiber

Here’s how biofilms operate: They secrete a gluey plaque that permanently attaches along your insides. This plaque then turns cement-like, creating a solid, permanent foundation for new colonies to anchor and build upon. [5], 2008

The plaque can get lodged within so many vital systems and organs. It also blocks vital nutrients, blood-flow and oxygen to your muscles. This certainly explained why more burning and tenderness had been popping up in my body.

This research showed that biofilm colonies can grow almost anywhere within the body. Your G.I. tract, sinuses, bladder & urinary tract, lungs, arteries, mouth & eyes and even your skin.
[6] Biofilms the Hypertextbook Alfred B. Cunningham, John E. Lennox, 2001

The Biggest Problem with Biofilms

An interesting study from 2016 discovered that when these biofilms mature, they secrete bio-toxins. Some of which are designed specifically to turn off our immune cells. 
[7] Bacterial Exotoxins: How Bacteria Fight the Immune System. Inka Sastalla, Denise M. Monack, 2016

The harmfulness of these bio-toxins definitely had me worried. But what’s even more alarming is that they’re playing a key role several conditions where the immune system is attacking itself.
[8] A Novel Hypothesis Integrating Spirochetes, Biofilm, and the Immune System Herbert B. Allen*, Diego Morales, 2016

The study found that since our immune cells can’t penetrate the biofilm layer and kill these invaders, our cells will end up destroying surrounding neurons and muscle tissue instead, leading to severe and rapid devastation.

It’s like our army of immune cells are ready and lined up to fight, but they’re never able to penetrate enemy walls – so they end up fighting what’s left – your body.

I was shocked to read these studies, even a little grossed out. And this is only a tiny fraction of what science has currently uncovered on biofilms.

In these past few years alone, over 320 different studies have surfaced, all linking biofilms with over a dozen long-standing conditions. What is happening?

A Critical Mass is Reached…

There’s more than just fatigue working against us. As biofilm populations increase over time, more bio-waste is produced from the life cycles of these bugs.

All the living, defecating and dying of these microorganisms creates a constant influx of waste within the body, slowly reaching a critical mass.

The secretions of these bugs are now being studied.

Already, a handful of neurological toxins, called “endo” & “exotoxins”, have been identified, and are believed to play a major role in muscle & joint irritation, lethargy, gas/bloating, and even mood imbalances.
[9] Bacterial Exotoxins: How Bacteria Fight the Immune System. Inka Sastalla, Denise M. Monack, 2016

What are these toxins?

Exotoxins MagnifiedExotoxins are found to make up the biofilm layers.

Endotoxins are what the bugs secrete to break-down passing nutrients as well as biological matter (human tissue) for food.

The body is being drip-fed an ongoing supply of these toxins. Once the immune system sees these “foreign invaders,” it mounts an all-out attack.

Only the problem is, this attack is never ending.

And so the immune system begins waging war in all directions, further provoking neurological symptoms in the body.
[10] Regulation of microglial response by sodium butyrate. Huuskonen J1, Suuronen T, 2004 

The body simply becomes overburdened with this war going on. And all of your precious resources get depleted just to keep up.

This line of research got me very excited.

Could biofilms be the root of my issues?

The research was compelling: that an overgrowth of biofilm could be polluting my body, and basically short-circuiting my immune system.


How I finally found my solution  

I was very intrigued. But ultimately, I just needed to find a way to beat this war that was happening in my body. Because it was obvious. They were winning.

These sticky biofilms, which had constructed barricades around my body and all around my organs, were literally draining the life force from me, causing more and more symptoms each day.

I finally came across something natural showing promise at breaking down biofilms. In fact, our body naturally produces them for almost every biochemical process it goes through.

These are enzymes.

Every day we require several hundred different enzymes for just about every chemical action the body performs.

But the problem is, dissolving biofilms are a huge job, and many people simply don’t produce enough of these specific enzymes to keep biofilms in check. And with America’s sugar-based diet and obsession with antibiotics, this problem gets magnified.

These all-natural enzymes can work quickly to break-down layers of biofilm to finally expose these harmful bugs.

I started experimenting. I learned of a certain combination of enzymes showing the most promise at breaking down biofilm in the body. I decided to try them on myself.
[11] Biofilm-degrading enzymes from Lysobacter gummosus. Anke Gökçen, 1 Andreas Vilcinskas, 2014 PubMed

In fact, these exact enzymes have also long been used for their anti-aging and blood-cleansing properties for centuries.


My First Biofilm Protocol for Fatigue

I really had nothing to lose at this point. So I organized my research on enzymes, and soon began my very first biofilm protocol.

I quickly realized these enzymes were hard at work, breaking down many years’ worth of biofilm barriers within my gut, sinuses and my other organs.

Biofilm Disruption

I knew because I could actually see this slimy biofilm leaving my body out my nose and stool. Yes, it is gross, but if you’ve been this sick for long enough, it’s kind of exciting to see something like this happening.

One of the first things I experienced was my sinuses slowly began clearing. Much later, I learned a sinus infection is actually a biofilm issue.

In these first couple weeks, I noticed I wasn’t as tired or drained. I had more stamina, and the neck and muscle soreness wasn’t as constant.

It wasn’t until later, that I refined my approach. I began avoiding certain trigger foods and introducing specialized probiotics to my daily regimen.

This meal regimen was to help kill off any resilient bugs; the specialized probiotics helped restore my gut microbiome with friendly colonies.


With each passing week, I was getting stronger and stronger

I was waking up feeling refreshed from a deep nights rest and my body felt lighter. A sense of calm came over me, like. Almost like a giant engine within me had finally shut off.

Lesson #2The strange thing about being chronically sick is you often don’t realize how sick you actually were until you begin feeling better.

By day 44, I was feeling totally different. It’s hard to explain, but my body felt clear. I felt no more aches – nor heaviness.

It felt like I stepped into a new body. One that was 25 years younger.
(results may vary)

Looking back now, it makes perfect sense.

Because, if our bodies are made up of more microbe cells than human cells, then shouldn’t more focus be on the microbiome and making sure it’s in balance?

Modern research is starting to recognize this as well and it is exactly why so much focus in the past few years has been centered on the microbiome.

I had to share this discovery with others. I knew it would benefit so many who, like me, were trying to escape this living nightmare.

For the last 5 years, I, along with a few other former patients, have been perfecting and refining this program, which has already helped so many get their life back on track.

Here’s How it Works:  

Essentially, there are 3 steps:

1. Dissolve the biofilm
2. Remove the pathogenic colonies and toxic buildup
3. Restore the gut microbiome with friendly probiotics

I found it must be done in this order or else you’ll be perpetually stuck just trying to get past step 1.

The 3 Step Biofilm Protocol for Fatigue:

I want to take you through, step-by-step, how to do it:


Step 1: Dissolve 

Dissolving biofilm is a huge job. The process requires massive quantities of enzymes on a constant basis. It’s important to keep the pressure on the colonies. For best results, it’s ideal to keep a consistent supply of enzymes circulating in your bloodstream.

For this, you will need to take them systemically, which means taking the enzymes on an empty stomach, at least an hour from any food. Otherwise, they will just end up dissolving your food instead of searching for biofilms.

Now, your body has what it needs to fight for you.

This is the most critical thing about enzyme supplements. They must be loaded with protease. So if they don’t contain a minimum of 150,000 HUT of protease, they probably aren’t going to do the job. I made sure to use a minimum of 200,000 HUT, just to ensure they could do even the toughest job. Once taken, these enzymes go to work, dislodging, breaking up and eliminating the colonies. Marching them out of your body, the same way they came in.

Biofilms are made up of proteins, fats, and sugars. So, you’ll want most of your enzymes to specialize in breaking down these 3 elements. Let’s have a look at exactly what is required for Step 1:



Step 2: Remove

The Remove step starts almost at the same time as the Dissolve step. After you’ve successfully opened the biofilm layer, your own immune cells can now kill the bugs hiding out beneath.

It’s very wise to use something in this step that will bind with all the toxins being released. This way, they won’t be reabsorbed by your body. My favorite binding agent is EDTA, because of its success in clinical settings for decades to bind with and remove bio-toxins, heavy metals, and plaque buildup.


For those on an accelerated protocol, this step is also where using natural anti-fungals and antibiotics, like olive leaf extract, oregano oil, or grapefruit seed extract can be exponentially helpful to fight any stubborn colonies.

A big tip in this step is to keep your detox channels flowing and clear. Sometimes, there can be a lot of biofilm and dying or dead microbes leaving the body, and you’ll want to be sure you don’t clog up your system or have any of that stuff get reabsorbed.

Quick tips here: Keep the colon flushed. Be sure you’re having at least one bowel movement per day. Hydrate with lots of water, fiber, and moving of your lymph fluid to make this step as comfortable and effective as possible.

Here are my top 3 tools I used in the Remove step (I still use these today):

Mini-trampoline – Best tool for moving your lymph fluid (a.k.a. the body’s sewage system)
When you’re moving out biofilm colonies, you’ll be stirring up toxins that have been lodged in the body, often for many years. It’s important to make sure these toxins leave your body and don’t get stuck in your cells. Exercising on the mini-trampoline is a very effective way to properly move your lymph system within the body, collecting this waste for safe removal. 

Toilet Stool – Great for detoxification and keeping regular
Something else I use daily is a toilet stool. Not only does it help with making the process a lot easier and less strained, but it’s actually designed so that you can achieve a full elimination every time you go, ensuring that you aren’t reabsorbing toxins as you are moving them out.

Skin brush – Dry skin brush before showers supports your largest detox organ – your skin. A powerful detox tool, dry skin brushing will stimulate the lymph system, remove old skin cells and can help increase circulation. 


Step 3: Restore

Step 3 is the last and my favorite step. Your goal for this step is to Restore the gut microbiome using friendly bacteria and the building blocks your body requires, in order to stabilize towards long-term health.

The basic idea here is to recolonize your gut with a large amount of specific probiotics and nutrients. The best kind we’ve ever found are spore probiotics (soil-based), which have shown to be ideal for those with long-term conditions since these probiotics do not produce histamine, unlike the majority of probiotics out there. Second, they are able to survive even the harshest stomach acids in order to reach your large intestine (where they need to be) with over 90% survivability.

Most probiotics are so sensitive, they usually won’t even survive the journey to your doorstep, without losing the majority of their numbers.

And studies show most will die once they come into contact with your stomach acid…

Bacillus coagulans is one of the most powerful probiotics out there. This strain is specifically designed for killing harmful yeast and bacteria from your gut while reversing inflammation in the body. B. coagulans has been recognized by the FDA as GRAS and means Generally Regarded as Safe, which is about as good as it gets with supplement ingredients.



Do You See the Challenge with Biofilms?

This is leading-edge science only now getting recognized. So it’s not your fault you haven’t heard of this. How could you have?

Do you see why so many doctors still aren’t even aware of biofilm?

I am confident the majority of doctors in the U.S. still don’t understand what a biofilm is, nor how far reaching the damages go.

All my doctor would ever do for me was write me a prescription to numb my body.

But I didn’t want to be numbed, I wanted to pull out the root of my symptoms and just get on with my life!

It’s been over 5 years since I finished that first protocol and everything has changed for me.

There is now a deep well of vitality that is always in me now. My dominant feeling used to be hopelessness. Now it’s gratitude – for what my life is like now.

I have since repeated the protocol five more times. I have refined and perfected the protocol based on my and others experiences. And with each new round, I notice deeper and deeper layers of biofilms dissolving, bringing my body to fuller and more lucid states of wellness and vitality.
(results may vary)

Lesson #3: Your body wants to repair itself. That’s its job. But it needs the right environment for that job.

And your job is to give your body the right environment to achieve that. That is what the 3 steps are all about.

My main purpose in life became clear. I wanted to awaken this same vigor and vitality in others. And empower them with the exact plan to do it.

I had to go through so many pitfalls to get here. But I have since coached hundreds of people through it, who just like me, were struggling to find something that actually worked.

We’ve learned what works and what doesn’t work. And we know how to speed up the process so you can see much quicker results, while avoiding the traps so many get stuck in.

Over time, myself along with a small group of patients, distilled all of what we had learned into what’s widely known as the Restore 3 Program.

It is a proven, step by step method that quickly clears out the biofilms that are sabotaging the body’s recovery. It addresses the root causes of symptoms. And finally, restores your gut microbiome with the vital nutrients and probiotics it needs to repair itself for good.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what Gail Powers, who is one of our earliest success stories, wrote in to say about Restore 3:


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The Restore 3 Program

A Complete Enzyme & Probiotic Program


3 Pack Discount
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$49.00 / month (Sale)
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60 capsules – Shipped Monthly 
Free Shipping – Free 67-page Guidebook

(133 Customer Reviews)

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Report #3: Instant Download of the “Native Formulas Home Recipes” Cookbook


Inside this cookbook you’ll discover:

  • How to make your own liposomal vitamin C
  • Delicious recipes you can make quickly & easily 
  • How to make your own probiotic kefir for pennies
  • Tasty pancakes, banana bread, chicken tacos, crustless quiche & delicious snack ideas

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