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Causes of Candida Acne

Causes of Candida Acne

acne candida restore 3What issues surround Candida acne? Well, issues that deal with Candida and acne or Candida albicans acne related problems can affect adult males and females at least as often as they affect teenagers. It is the case sometimes that Candida causes acne, though many a dermatologist might mistake Candida acne for “traditional” acne.

We should count ourselves fortunate that we are now aware of something like the Candida microorganism, which is a fungal species that inhabits the gastrointestinal tract of both males and females.

What is Acne Candida?

Acne Candida is related to the Candida albicans microorganism that has escaped from a person’s gastrointestinal tract and has gotten onto the skin. It is when Candida albicans acne makes its appearance on the skin of a teenager or adult that more than a few people will become overly concerned and may even use the wrong sort of treatment regimen to rid themselves of this acne.

What Causes this?

candida albicansAs mentioned, acne related issues have everything to do with fungus issues and not much to do with most normal causes of regular acne on a person’s face.

In normal acne, inflammation of the skin’s sebaceous glands will cause an outbreak. In Candida acne or “Candida overgrowth acne, ” as it’s sometimes called, the microorganism of the Candida species is the cause of the skin inflammation.

So, the question “Can Candida cause acne?” is easily answered once one understands that acne issues can sometimes be just as prevalent, depending upon Candida overgrowth in the gastrointestinal tract, as regular or traditional acne cause issues might be. Candida and acne, fortunately, can be addressed through a couple of different processes.


In the first, something called “Candida acne therapy” has been shown to hold out great promise for preventing reoccurrence of Candida related acne in the future once a person has been properly diagnosed and then treated for the initial bout of acne.

This diet, which will normally consist of three major elements — including vegetables, meats, and certain foods containing small amounts of complex carbohydrates — could become a long-term commitment for those who desire not to suffer acne Candida in the future.

Initially, when a person — who’s been working with his physician or other health professional — has determined that he is suffering from acne Candida, clearing up the condition will be highly important. Certain topical skin creams containing natural oils or other substances proven to be effective against the Candida albicans organism will be called for. Sometimes, antibiotic creams can also help.

Next Steps

Though the phrase “Candida overgrowth acne” might seem a bit frightening at first, teens and adults should look at it with clear understanding that can be gained from conducting just a bit of research on what Candida is and how it relates to acne and just what it can do to the skin.

Acne — regardless of the age — is stressful enough. Failing to understand or learn just what sort of acne is involved (traditional or acne Candida) can only serve to add to the stress. This is why the Restore 3 protocol can be an important first step in clearing away any misconceptions about Candida and how to eliminate it from your life permanently.









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