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3 Steps to Addressing Almost Any Pathogenic Overgrowth

3-Steps to Addressing Almost Any Pathogenic Overgrowth

1) Disrupt – Disrupt Pathogenic Biofilm
2 )Remove – Remove Bacterial Pathogens
3) Replenish – Replenish the Gut Microbiome

And Restore 3 accomplishes all of this in one powerful supplement.

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The following 3 steps took almost 20 years of trial and error in order to get right. It is not only useful for the above conditions, but for almost any type of condition that stems from a gut microbiome imbalance.

This protocol is something that can benefit people who don’t even know what they have, but know that they simply just don’t feel well.

It is also something that one can refer back to in life if they find that their health is slipping and need to get themselves back on track. That’s because it’s designed to uproot what we believe to be the cause of most chronic illnesses: Gut imbalance.

The following 3 steps will walk you through a total body reset. You will essentially be reprogramming your body’s own healing response and simultaneously uprooting the source that has been drip-feeding your body toxins, from within, on a daily basis.


In a nutshell, we believe this imbalance begins like this:

Often, a disrupting event happens that stresses the body (either a physical event or something stress-related), which weakens the immune system.

And often, it can be as simple as a course of antibiotics, which may disrupt the delicate balance of good/bad bacteria in the body.

Opportunistic pathogens (bacteria, candida, parasites), can seize this opportunity to become dominant within the gut and expand their colonization – while secreting a toxic, slimy, protective layer called biofilm.

Biofilm is a toxic substance these bugs create to hide out within the body and make it very difficult for antibiotics (and our immune system) to penetrate. In fact, one study suggested that bacteria protected within biofilms are up to 1,000 times more resistant to antibiotics than if they were free-floating.[1]Bacterial biofilms in nature and disease Annu Rev Microbiol. 1987 

The more that these pathogens colonize, the more stress this puts on the host, as neurotoxins from this biofilm material, as well as the metabolic waste material from these expanding populations of bugs, reaches a critical mass within the body.

The standard, high sugar/high carbohydrate American diet, only feeds this growing problem, providing the perfect food source for these pathogens.

The critical mass of these bio-toxins often results in lethargy, body and muscle aches, brain fog, and sleep and mood issues. Over a long enough period of time, symptoms begin to develop in the host, such as food sensitivities and a gradual increase of various other symptoms. 

Even slight offenses to the body-system, now become magnified and intolerable. Given enough time, chronic symptoms can develop wherever the weakest link is for the particular host.

For many it’s GI. For others, it is widespread body aches, lethargy, brain fog and sleep & mood disturbances.

Pathogenic Overgrowth

This protocol is something one can refer back to in life if they find that their health is slipping and need to get themselves back on track. That’s because it’s designed to address what we believe to be underlying most chronic health symptoms: gut dysbiosis.

Step 1: Disrupt Biofilm & Starve the Pathogenic “Bugs”

This step is the most important out of the 3 and is the step that most protocols fail to address. If you ignore this step – or don’t do it properly – any protocol will likely fail.

Because we think the majority of people who are dealing with a chronic condition have an overgrowth of 1 of these pathogens: Candida, bacteria or parasites. These can be extremely difficult to eradicate from the body.

The #1 reason why is because of biofilm. Biofilms are protective coatings that bacteria and fungus form to protect themselves from antibiotics and herbal treatment. In fact, most bacteria in the body live in communities of this biofilm substance. [2] Biofilms: Microbial Life on Surfaces. Donlan 2002

We will go into more detail on the strange life of biofilm later, but the most important thing to know about biofilm is that it is very toxic to the human body and it’s extremely difficult, if not impossible for the immune system to penetrate.

Even the toughest antibiotics that have been designed have proven to be no match against a mature biofilm. [3]Bacterial Biofilms in Nature, J. William Costerton, 1987. The most effective method we’ve found to disrupt this biofilm layer is something that our bodies already produce – enzymes.

Our bodies produce thousands of different varieties of enzymes, which are required for almost every biochemical reaction our cells need to perform.

However, we’ve found a handful of these enzymes to be the most effective of breaking down this biofilm naturally. They are proteolytic enzymes.[4]Biofilm-degrading enzymes from Lysobacter gummosus. Anke Gökçen, 1 Andreas Vilcinskas, 2014

Phase 1 requires large doses of these enzymes on a daily basis. Oftentimes, the longer someone has been chronically ill, the more time it can take to complete step 1 – disrupt.

Step one can last anywhere from 6 to 10 weeks on average. But for those who have been sick for several years, we’ve seen this step last up to 1 year. Often, people will do rounds of this protocol, with each round doing a deeper clean than the previous round, not unlike peeling an onion.

This 1st step is absolutely the most challenging step as you are essentially dissolving the toxic biofilm for the body to eliminate while simultaneously exposing the colonies of the bad bugs you are going to be eliminating.

For a small subset of people on this protocol, a lot can get stirred up during this step and sometimes what’s known as the “Herxheimer” response or “die-off” can occur.

This is when large numbers of dead and dying pathogens and their biofilms begin moving out of the body in large numbers all at once, which can often feel like the cold or flu for a brief period of time.

There are several tips & tricks that you can do during this time if this is happening to ensure that you are still comfortable and lessen the reaction or so that you can bypass it completely. Which brings us to step 2: Remove

Step 2: Remove

Step 2 is typically done simultaneously along with step 1 since it is easiest to remove the pathogenic overgrowth once their protective biofilm layer has been dissolved by these enzymes.

One of the most powerful and safest methods of addressing pathogenic colonies within the body is by using spore probiotics – Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus coagulans. These are 2 very well researched species of probiotics that have been shown to target harmful pathogens within the body and crowd-out their colonies. [5] Microbial flora, probiotics, Bacillus subtilis and the search for a long and healthy human longevity. These 2 strains have also been given the GRAS (Generally recognized as safe), recognition by the FDA.

Some other things that may speed up this process of removal are natural, anti-microbial agents such as oregano oil, olive leaf extract, cistus tea or grapefruit seed extract (GSE).

During this step, it is helpful to support the body’s detox channels in order to help you feel comfortable while the toxins are leaving the body.

This would be like having regular bowel movements, ensuring your liver is functioning properly and you are getting adequate exercise, particularly putting focus on moving lymph throughout the body. Taking fiber on a daily basis can help aid the body in gathering waste from the colon for removal.

There are several “hacks” that we’ve found to assist the body in the flushing of toxins which rapidly accelerates this step and it is during this phase that much of the effort from the prior weeks really starts to pay off. This is also typically when people begin to get little “hints” that something is working as they begin to feel positive shifts happening with their health.

A few of the most powerful hacks that we’ve found during the protocol is colonic irrigation, taking activated charcoal or chlorella to “mop up” excess toxins within the body and getting the lymphatic system circulating by bouncing on a mini-trampoline or a rebounder.

The mini-trampoline is favored by top health experts as one of the most effective exercises that a person can do for their overall health, and is very low impact.

Another big aspect to this step involves what you are eating. Here are the 2 biggest reasons why what you eat on this protocol can make or break it for you:

1. Weakening and starving out the bad bugs of their main food sources.
2. Avoiding the foods that cause “flare-ups.”

This 2nd point is so critical to emphasize. When I was first doing this protocol, it was very challenging to avoid some of my favorite foods – because I love food. Luckily, it got to the point where my body could no longer physically process it. I became so desperate that I had to only eat food that I knew my body wouldn’t react to.

I was down to only eating a few select vegetables and organic meats for a period of 4 months. I literally ate the same thing every day during this time because it didn’t cause reactions and I needed the break.

As it turned out, this was incredibly helpful. Since I was no longer eating these foods, it gave my entire body a break from the “war” it was waging.

Because once the fire can be calmed down, the body can begin to repair itself. It’s not unlike a homeowner that’s trying to scrub the soot off their walls while a fire is raging in one of their rooms. It’s futile. Put out the fire, then your body can focus on the clean up.

What are these foods? This is tricky, because we are all different and we react differently to things – this will always be the case. However, the following list of foods are always, without fail, the biggest culprits across the board:

What you eat is so critical to your health, no matter what expert or doctor will try to tell you. It took me years of believing my doctors, that what I was eating had nothing to do with my ulcerative colitis, before I got desperate enough to do anything to get better.

And once I avoided the above foods, things began taking a drastic turn for me.

That is not to say you can’t still see improvements while on this protocol without the dietary guidelines, but, this is your life.

I wanted to see how incredibly vibrant I could get. What it felt like to be living in total vitality every day with an almost unlimited supply of energy.

I know what that feels like now. And to be honest, it makes everything else in life that used to seem challenging, not as difficult anymore.

I am now way more equipped to handle life’s curve balls as they come. And I am so grateful for what I feel – like all of me is put together in a complete and powerful form and is now moving in total harmony.

I tell people that 70% of what was going on was what I ate. The other 30% was having a functioning gut microbiome, free of toxic biofilm and pathogenic overgrowth which I feel was polluting my body on a constant drip-feed.

Many people who follow this protocol end up adopting much of this type of diet in their lifestyle. Or they simply revert back to it if they begin slipping in their health. This becomes a lifestyle.

The most important factor in step 2 is to ensure that you are properly moving out all of this waste that is getting flushed out through your detox channels. You don’t want it sitting for too long in the colon to be reabsorbed. This is why we love doing colonic irrigation. Because they really help, especially if energy levels start becoming sluggish or tired.

Step 3: Restore

The final Step 3, is our favorite step.

The goal of this step is to begin the restoration of the gut microbiome by recolonizing the gut with friendly microorganisms (probiotics), and providing the body with the proper nutrients to repair the gut lining as well as restore any nutrient deficiencies that most people who are chronically ill are dealing with.

You are still following the dietary guidelines in this phase, so that the body can completely rest and repair.

The general concept is to flood and recolonize the gut microbiome with a large amount of probiotics. Spore probiotics have shown to work best for most people with a prior chronic illness. 

For rebuilding the gut lining from leaky gut syndrome, we’ve found that drinking bone broth on a daily basis during this time can work incredibly well, not only for repairing leaky-gut, but for fast delivery of vital nutrients and minerals in an easy, bio-available form – meaning the body has to work very little in order to absorb and utilize these life giving nutrients.

This is also when adding a lot of fermentable fiber to your diet is supportive. This helps to feed the friendly bacteria to ensure they stick around and colonize your gut. This kind of fiber is helpful for rebuilding the gut microbiome. 

The timeline for all of these steps really depend upon the individual and how developed their chronic illness is. What we’ve seen is that people generally begin noticing real, positive changes anywhere from 6-8 weeks into the protocol, if they are following all the guidelines, and about 12-16 weeks before they are likely to see the full benefits from the Restore 3 Program.

In conclusion, it’s important to keep this truth in mind: The body will respond to consistent, repetitive action over a period of time. Even if you weren’t showing symptoms of chronic illness, it likely took years of degradation before the illness became chronic.  Consistent, repetitive action is the way forward.

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