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"80% of all human infections are caused
by biofilm associated microorganisms"
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"Pathogens growing in a biofilm could be up to 1,000 times more resistant & tolerant to antibiotics compared with their planktonic counterpart."
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"What may appear to be antibiotic resistance when an infection does not clear up may actually be biofilms at work."
"Bacterial formation of biofilm is implicated
in many chronic disease states."

Biofilm Woman Health ProtocolBiofilms are a Huge Reason Health Protocols Fail – We Are Changing That

Native Formulas was founded by long-time patients who were walking the hard path of living with illness. We’ve realized that if you lose your health, you lose so much of what makes life enjoyable. We’ve been obsessed with health for almost 20 years. Gathering & uncovering the deep research on what really works and what doesn’t, in order to get to the root of what long term illness actually is and how to overcome it.


Our Mission

Change your gut, change your life

Let our products do the heavy lifting to
transform your health for good!

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Restore 3
Answering Chronic Illness

  • Rapid Biofilm Disruption – So you can see real results fast†
  • Clears Out Bacteria & Yeast – Feel better & have more energy†
  • Step-by-Step Guide – Be guided through each step. Know exactly what to do & when to do it with your daily blueprint.
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Ever Wondered Why an Illness Stays Chronic?


Why Most Protocols Fail

Bad protocols aim to lessen symptoms through drugs or soothing herbs. Good protocols aim to eliminate the offending pathogens (bacteria, fungus, or parasites) from the body. This approach is fine, and usually the patient will feel much better for a while. However, it is typically short-lived and illness once again follows, sometimes even worse than before. This is because the majority of harmful pathogens remain hidden. They continue to multiply, untouched beneath an impenetrable biofilm layer, which even the most potent antibiotics cannot address.


Why is Native Formulas Different?

Because we follow the most important truth in wellness. When it’s given the proper environment, the body is designed to repair itself. And part of what allows for that proper environment comes down to clearing out toxins and pathogenic overgrowth. True health is not achieved by adding more things – it’s a process of removal so wellness can flow freely through you. And the effects are truly transformational. Change your gut, change your life.

The Restore 3 Program

A 3-Phase Biofilm Protocol

Step 1: Dissolve

Dissolve the biofilm layer using specialized, plant-based enzymes.

Step 2: Remove

Clear out the colonies of harmful pathogens that have taken up residence in the body.

Step 3: Restore

Restore the gut microbiome back into balance & replenish with vital nutrients.

“Restore 3 is the safest & most effective biofilm removal system & the missing link to any health protocol.”

Data shows that the relapse rates after completing a protocol for long term illnesses will range anywhere from 30-70%. In our 20 years of searching for answers, we’ve found that the most critical factor to almost all of them is whether or not biofilm has been addressed. Any protocol is bound to fail if the biofilm layer is not addressed.

Biofilm Life Cycle
“There is a perception that single-celled organisms are asocial, but that is misguided. When bacteria are under stress — which is the story of their lives — they team up and form this collective called a biofilm. If you look at naturally occurring biofilms, they have very complicated architecture. They are like cities with channels for nutrients to go in and waste to go out.” – Andre Lechenko, PhD, Johns Hopkins University

“I was hesitant to try this product after many failed attempts using natural remedies for my fatigue and body aches. It was at the constant urging of my best friends mother who had tried Restore 3 with great results. It’s been a long road but I feel I’ve finally been able to get my life back. Thank you Native Formulas.” Sarah Bowman, Florida Monthly Member

Biofilm Testimonial

Change your gut, change your life

Your body is made up of over 70 trillion cells. And over half of those aren’t human cells. The majority of them are bacteria, living in or on your body. It’s estimated that 99% of these microorganisms aren’t free floating, but instead live within the protection of massive communities called biofilms.

Medical research has concluded that biofilms are the primary reason for the huge increase in drug resistant bacteria and why illness often stays chronic.

And thanks to Native Formulas, that problem is now solved.


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